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Great Basin Native Artists Archive Project with the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada

As of March 2019, the Great Basin Native Artists and the

Nevada Museum of Art are excited to announce a collaboration

to create the  Great Basin Native Artists Archive and Directory.

This collaboration will include the following: 

• The Great Basin Native Artist Archive and Directory will be permanently housed at the Center for Art + Environment Research Library at the Nevada Museum of Art. It will be available for free to the general public, journalists, researchers, and other interested parties.

• The Great Basin Native Artist Archive will contain hundreds of artist files. Each file will consist of materials such as an artist’s images, resume, artist statement, biography, publications, exhibition records, related correspondence, DVDs and videos,  slides, printed photographs, sketchbooks and other original working materials as deemed appropriate. Parts of the archive will be made available  online by summer 2020.

If you are a Great Basin Native Artist living in/or originally from the Great Basin or California Tribal Lands, please consider contributing materials about yourself and your artwork to this project. For any questions or for more information please contact:

Melissa Melero-Moose at or 505-603-5157.  Thank You!



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