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Karma Henry

 contemporary visual artist


I am an enrolled member of the Fort Independence Paiute Community of California.

While pursuing undergraduate work at Cal-State Northridge, I experimented with mark making related to my Native American ancestry (through geography, geology, history and how the information is dispersed to the greater public). As I continued onto my graduate degree at Otis College of Art and Design, my focus on iconic imagery changed the way I thought about Native Art History. Experimenting with many materials I again circled back to painting.


My heritage, family, and tribal traditions are part of my daily inspirations. I seek imagery which reflects these connections. Whether it is a petroglyph, an animal silhouette, or my grandmother and daughter telling stories to each other, the inspiration can sometimes be a surprise. Often, I am influenced by a diverse variety of elements which will spark an idea for a piece.


I then will start to play with materials and technologies to see what suits each project I am working on. Traditional materials, such as beadwork, now have begun to infiltrate my paintings. While I learn more traditional techniques I find I am pleased how often they relate to whatever I am working on.

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