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Paul Stone

 visual artist and illustrator 


Paul Stone, Graphite pencil, Color & Watercolor pencils, Stone sculptures,
Pyrographics (wood-burnings), Acrylic paint, flutist 

Paul was born and raised in Bishop, California on the Owens Valley Paiute Indian Reservation.
He is full-blooded Paiute and Washoe and his native heritage is a great influence in his works 
of art. He is the Great-grandson of Tom Stone, Paiute chief & storyteller, Great-grandson of 
Captain John, past chief of Yosemite, grandson of Raymond Stone, world renowned sculptor, medicine
man, & tribal spokesman, and is also related to Wovoka and other great leaders. Paul is proud to
carry on these traditions through his art work.

Paul is a self-taught artist and learns as he goes, and looks forward to learning many new types of
media. He is fairly new to the art world, only drawing since 1995. He was forced out of construction
by a knee injury, which was a blessing, for he was shown that art was his true calling.
(The Lord works in mysterious ways! )

Paul's works can be seen in many local and regional galleries & museums. His art can be found in private
collections around the world. He has won program cover designs and awards and ribbons in graphics for his
pencil drawings. Recently, he was one of four runner ups for the California State Indian Seal.

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