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“I once dreamed that I was a famous basketweaver with all of the skills and knowledge of the old ones…but when I awoke, I was still me…. I am still me….a native woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a basketweaver, a beader, a cook, a gatherer. I am still me…”
“My name is Meyo Marrufo and I am Eastern Pomo from the Clear Lake Basin. My abalone jewelry is often inspired by the past designs of our people. Often times you can research what some basket designs meant and the way they were used. I weave those basket designs into my bead work. Each design repre- sents a different strength and can change tone with different color arrangements. I also use Pomo money which is the clam shell disk bead and various shells in my jewelry. I hope that people enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoy making each piece.”

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