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GBNA Gallery, Inheritance Exhibition, 2022

The Gallery

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The Archive

The Great Basin Native Artists Archive Project at the Nevada Museum of Art

Welcome to the

Great Basin Native Artists 

Founded in 2014


 Great Basin Native Artists is a collective of Indigenous artists living in/or originally from the Great Basin areas of Nevada, California, Southern Oregon, Southern Idaho, and Utah. 

The mission of the GBNA archive is to create better knowledge of the art and peoples of the Great Basin and to create opportunities for this underrepresented region in all forms of the arts.


GBNA goals:

 - Maintain a Great Basin Native Artists archive and  online directory

 - Exhibiting opportunities as a group for local, national, and international Native art exhibitions

 - Cultural arts education to the Native and non-Native community

 - Art business workshops for professional and emerging artists

 - Forum for Native artists and interested community members to connect

- Online presence for rural Native artists

Great Basin Native Artists Q & A page

First American Art Magazine, Great Basin Native Artists article

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